Malaysia Public Transport system is very easy to find no matter you are in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur or Country side. Before 2017, the most popular mode of public transport are either bus, taxi or train. With the exploding popularity of Ride Sharing and Personal Drivers such as Uber and Grab, now these kind of transport mode are the favourite among locals and travelers alike.

The fastest mode of transportation around Kuala Lumpur

If you are looking to go around within Kuala Lumpur, Transit Train is the fastest way. RapidKL and Monorail Train are two types of high speed train than can get you from destination A to destination B within minutes. Price for ticket is also quite reasonable ranging from USD 50 cents to USD 2.

Taxi and Bus

Above 2 are the normal and most traditional way of getting around but it had it shares of up and down being now regulated to third and fourth place behind ride sharing apps and high speed train. Public Buses is still the cheapest way, in-fact in the heart of Kuala Lumpur you can get FREE RIDE from RapidKL buses that will go through some of Kuala Lumpur must visit places such as Bukit Bintang and KLCC.

Now on Ride Sharing Apps

Arguably the best type of semi-public transportation mode, hailing a ride is easy as ABC. Just download GrabCar apps from Google Playstore or IOS store, order your ride no matter the time, and you can also choose to pay via credit cards or cash. Simplistic in mind and customer satisfaction was behind the idea of ride sharing apps, and if you are visiting Malaysia Now, it is highly recommend to try it out yourself.  Two other Famous Ride Sharing Ride are Mycar and EasyTaxi.



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