So know let say you are travelling and during the travel you want to relax and just have some fun sitting inside hotel. Sleeping all day inside hotel room might not be a good choice since the purpose of travel is to relax and have fun. But when you are just too tired to go around, here are some online game to play to keep you company.

Top online game in Malaysia

Just like almost all developing or developed country, digital world is big in Malaysia. Online game also is one of the biggest leisure for many in this part. You can easily download top online game to play via Google Playstore or IOS Store using the Free Wifi from many Coffee Shops.

Here are some of the most downloaded Free to download online Game in Malaysia. 

Castle Clash, and online single player building and war games where you can join other into multiplayer session for event like fighting boss or high level mission.

PUBG Mobile game is from the world largest social chatting app Tencent. The creator of Android. The game is available for all that have Wechat account and in Malaysia Wechat is also the top two most used chatting app along side Whatsapp.

Tic Tac Toe Glow is a traditional puzzle game where it’s very simple to play. The only differences between this and older types of puzzle game is where the graphic of this game have been added some shining effects.

Garena Free Fire is a multiplayer game of shooting. Now who remember the days when games like half life and counter strike is the dominant force? Garena Free Fire is now the continuation of these game. The game can be played in almost all cyber cafe in Malaysia. 

Candy Crush Saga is another simple game that can make you stare at smartphone for all day long. Don’t underestimate the power of short game or simple game. As the more simpler the game, the more addictive it can be. The game comes in the form of Jelly bean and all you need to do is to match up certain colors in order to clear the stage.

Extra game

Beside the above, Malaysia Online Casino is also a big thing. Casino games comes in many choices and that are slot game and live game. Live game is where you can play the game with live card dealers via cam and slot game are those that you see images and spins. 918kiss Malaysia are among some of the most popular slot game. The game is easy to play and you do not learn anything new, as you you need to do is just create an account, and play. Game inside are also quite colorful and creative if you ask us.

Some other type of online casino types of gaming includes: 

All in all, casino games are quite the buzz, because it’s one of the hottest type of online gaming at the moment. Do note that addiction is a problem though. That is why if you are looking to play make sure its for entertainment only.

This are all the top online game in Malaysia, be it from the standard Free to play android games to PC mobiles games to 918kiss casino games, It’s all about choices and what type of game suit for interest. Have fun in your holiday and have great fun playing all these fun game too.

Onliine Gaming evolved from time to time, and in 2019, even more way for people to enjoy online gaming. Just like the ever popular PUBG is available in Android and IOS mobile as well, Real Virtual Gaming, 3D gaming and more.


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