For many new expats coming outside of South East Asia, the terms 4D might seems confusing. 4D is actually another name for number lottery. In Malaysia Buying Number Lottery is legal as long as you buy them from legal outlet such as SportsTOTO, Magnum4D and Damacai.

A form of lottery where there are 3 to 4 times of events held each weeks, the winning amount ranges from merely RM4 to thousands depending on your purchase amounts.

During the event day, you can start to check your winnings around 8 pm from many available sources especially from Direct vendors such as Magnum4D , Damacai or Sportstoto. And then there are also sites that specialized in showing 4d Results from all of these vendors.

4D numbers are quite a staple in fact a forms of leisure for many Malaysians. It is a kind of number jackpot with many different type of playing style. You can find store selling 4D numbers all over Malaysia and to be honest for fist timer might even be spoilt for choices. Unlike the name implied, 4D numbers are not just 4 digits, in fact there are 6, 5, even up to 10 digits in 4D numbers.

So if you are in Malaysia for fun, you can always have some fun and try these 4D numbers out and the amount to buy is actually quite low and very well below 5.

Talking about 4D numbers, then you must also check out our article of online gaming. Casino games is among of these online gaming too ranging from live22 to Rollex11 a type of Live Casino gaming platform. Live Casino is where you have live dealers online with card games and bunch of different type of Asian and Western play style including Roulette and Dices.